1hectare roseraie along the famous river Sorgue, at Isle sur la Sorgue, gather the conservatory collection of wild botanic roses and a nursery research beside the Baptistine Rose fields.


Production, cuttings and graftings are achieved in organic culture under label «ECOCERT» in Provence.

Rose des Arts company is in charge of breading roses for perfume industry, specially

supported by Roseline GIORGIS, obtainer of the BAPTISTINE.

Her new Centifolia is born in Grasse, after 10 years research, and tries.


  • Roseline Giorgis is the President and founder of Rose des Arts company from 2004

  • The Baptistine Garden stands 5km far from the source

  • The Laboratory, Show-room and distilloir are located at the source, in FONTAINE DE VAUCLUSE, ln the historical House of Fruits.

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