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Roseline will travel the world with the rose in her luggage. Because she knew carrying a treasure, this last gift from her father, his latest fragrance creation idea. Guided by the scent, she naturally made the selection of varietal stabilization.It was not until 2002 that she was able to devote herself to this exceptional rose and follow the dream with passion. To create the new rose of Grasse, centifolia Baptistine named in honor of her father,



Roseline Giorgis, who grew up among the roses in Grasse, is the obtentrice of Centifolia Baptistine, New Perfume Rose (Certificat d’Obtention Végétale Européenne, April 2013).Monique Remy, chemist-ingenieur, who was the first to recognize his qualities became the godmother.The baptism took place on 12th of May 2013 in Grasse, in the International Expo-Rose.Supported by the city of Grasse: Mayor Senator Jean Pierre Leleux, community of communes Sorgues Monts de Vaucluse and administrative staff, INRA, High School Horticultural Antibes, the French Society of roses and many perfumersMonique Remy, Founder LMR, Godmother of Baptistine.


Roseline Giorgis, breeder

Rose des Arts, editor

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