Experimental research


It took again ten years research and stabilisation of characteristics.

From 2002 Roseline devote herself to this exceptional rose and follow the dream with passion. To create the new rose of Grasse, centifolia Baptistine named in honor of her father.

The original character of this new variety, first obtain a CPOV confirm in 2009

Starting to experience on a research field 500 mother plants to study the growth,

In the secret gardens in Isle sur la Sorgue, firmed in Organic Agriculture in ECOCERT label. Learning the production rates and hydrolat quality of distillation by steam.

Monique Rémy came to support Roseline Giorgis. She is an chemist engineer who created Laboratories LMR, specialist of natural raw material, perfumes quality, guide support and expertise over the years, becoming the ambassador Baptistine to foretell it the most bright future in the world.

For these reasons of giving the priority research, Baptistine Rose had not been placed on the market before 2013.




The rose was so famous that Mr. Redouté described it in his encyclopedia under the name CENTOFOLIA with 100 petals and intense fragrance

Perfectly portrayed by the famous painter, Fragonard born in Grasse and living here and in Versailles court, you can see as well landscapes showing the roseraie in Trianon, underlined with large arches of roses, which are the famous lost roses described later in Josephine de Beauharnais correspondences

- Perfume:

Famous for gloves, bouquet is very fine, supported by a long period stability of the fragrance for three weeks on a simple board support.

For a century, Grasse lost the rose exception quality. And turned to Jasmine, favorite to keep on top perfume producer business.

Only Auribeau roses survived, but the scent was heavier fruity, and the reminisce, a lot shorter.

They could keep producing rose water


Without genetic study compare possible yet and, because the ancestor disappeared we can compare only description

Botanical: CENTIFOLIA L. Baptistine

This rose in quarters developed 108 petals in shape of hart, color is rose intense on buds lighter when open

Perfume: gives an intense fragrance

Underline the famous fine perfume rose’s of Grasse and shows the typical leaves of Centifolia L, with an original character:  very few thorns,

- Esthetical: Romantic and bushy looking, 2 meters tall, cultivated with an organic biodiversity of wild plants. It offers with no treatment incredible scented flowers. The roses grow on long curved branches without thorns, trellised on wire, to form garden arches of fragrant classical roses. The magic period last for four to six weeks in May-June.



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