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Whose name was mysteriously lost ?


Everybody could describe her,
All botanists of the kingdom decided to sketchup her portrait and description, with a given name centifolia because, everybody could remember she had more than hundred pétals
But about the fragrance, each perfumer tried to explain his own perception, they could agree showing the harmony of roses fragrance and something very special about the bouquet of the lost one ...


Baptistin GIORGIS, her father  perfumer in Grasse


In the fascinating world of roses

Wide open arms, the perfumer invites you by one click to discover his marvelous BAPTISTINE.

With precious oil pure absolute extract, we create natural perfume.

Amasing rosewater is distillated with the precious clear water of the Fountain, famous for the rare waters clearness: 70m deapth transparency!.

We study the nature of the rose, in the depth of its soul and mysteries.

Baptistine is a result of land generosity and men labour in harmony and fulfillment of senses.



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