What is a rose for perfume? It is a rose whose extraction gives a possibility to collect a material focusing its fragrance. All fragrant roses do not issue their fragrance, far from it!Only Gallica, Centifolia, Muscosa roses groups gives an absolute rose oilCreation of Baptistine, new Centifolia Rosa L.for perfumeryThis rose with 108 petals and intense fragrance underline the famous parfume rose’s of Grasse.It is a new rose recovering the description of the famous disappeared rose of the XVIIIth century



Once upon the time, last century, Mr. BAPTISTIN GIORGIS perfumer for Guerlain in Grasse who was a specialist of extractions in the world of roses, decided for fun in research to try formulations of old perfume reciepies XVIIth  and XVIIIth century old, wich were in the museum library, but even choosing the best quality ingredients he was never pleased with result.Incriminating each element of the formula, he focused attention on the rose scent and qualities description and understood that the famous rose they used, famous in Versailles through Fragonard, has been eradicated through a devastating plague and disappeared from all culture in Grasse as well as in the Trianon garden at the end of XVIIIth century.



Early XIXth century, Joséphine de Beauharnais invested in search introduced some Damas roses, with their typical moscata scent. Several other tries are attested up to Mr Chiris industrial in perfume, after good investments in jasmin invested in research  and could pay NABONAN  from LYON to search new the Centifolia. He found the “Centifolia simple” with 70 to 40 pétals only registrated as Centifolia Nabonan.Successful since early days 1880, it contribute the fortune of the Chiris familyAfter 20 years rights property, all other producers developed his rose over the place. and forget with time passing Nabonan.To get quicker growing results this rose has been grafted in XXth century upon Indica major, wild rose from Grasse coming with Italians leather gloves producers installed in Grasse from renaissance period and adapted to the local soilThen they started planting in Maroco and found that Indica from Maroco could bring more flowers, even if it could be more sensitive to cold winter the famous perfume of centifolia was not disturb .Maroco started to develop a good quality rose production



In the years sixties, Mr. Baptistin Giorgis, after ten years, rummaging in the monasteries gardens and abandoned mansions in Grasse, polinated these old rose trees flowers, and choosed the scent with his nose,  from this selection in between produced seeds, he discovered the scented rose so much promising! :intensely fine fragrant "bouquet of Grasse"  and very close to the one we can see in dreams and  in pictures painted by Fragonard, born in Grasse himself.This new rose perfume, not yet named, survived by a special destiny.Indeed, Baptistin Giorgis disappeared a few months after the first flowering. But he offered it as a birthday present to his daughter Roseline….

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